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Are your eyes ready for the summer?
UV protection is vital during the summer months, as prolonged exposure to UV rays can lead to serious eye conditions along with issues with the skin around them too. With prescription sunglasses, you can safely protect your vision while soaking up the sun.
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Are computer glasses a thing?
Pete talks about computer glasses and their role in our screen-obsessed life.
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How do you find a good optician?
We explore the top tips in finding the right Optician for you.
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Pinder's Mansfield new look coming soon...
Pinder's in Mansfield refurbishment
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Bonfire Night is Back!
Our top tips for keeping you safe during bonfire night 2022 (while having fun)!
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Keeping your children’s eyes safe this summer
Our top tips for finding the perfect sunglasses for your child.
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It’s hay fever season! Our top tips on how to prevent it.
Top tips on how to prevent hay fever from the team at Pinder’s
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Are you hybrid working? The top tips to protect your eyes
Here's what we recommend at Pinder's for making the most out of your Hybrid Working and protecting your eyes!