Not every optician is the same so it’s worth doing your research before deciding who to trust to look after your eyes.

Here are our top tips for finding the right optician for you:


  • If you’re searching for the best care you should look for an optician that offers optometrists with advanced qualifications with an established reputation and who gives you time to perform a comprehensive eye examination. Independent opticians generally give you lots of time and up-to-date eye testing technology for your eye test but expect to pay more for this service and time depending on the length of their eye tests and the amount of technology they have to examine your eyes. 


  • If you are searching for a quick eye test and a cheap pair of glasses then maybe a bigger chain Optician is the right optician for you.


  • If good quality eyewear is important to you then pick an optician who delivers that. Have a look at the frames they stock and most importantly of all gauge the professionalism, friendliness and qualifications of the staff member styling you.


  • If you or someone you know needs extra support or has learning difficulties, pick an optician that caters to your needs.


  • You may need an optician that specialises in certain fields such as children’s hospital prescriptions, advanced contact lenses, and visual stress clinics to name a few so do your research to see who genuinely offers the type of care or specialist service you require.


  • Whichever Optician you choose try and have your eye test and glasses at the same place. This makes life a lot easier for everyone especially if you have complex eye history.


  • At Pinders we have been established for over 75 years, offer a whole host of specialist eye services and stock great quality and bespoke eyewear.


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