More of us than ever are hybrid working. The periods of lockdown over the past few years have taught many businesses a valuable lesson: remote or hybrid forms are not only possible, but can actually benefit companies and their employees.

With the trend looking like it’s here to stay, we’ve compiled the top five tips to protect your eyes while you work between the home and office.

1. Well Lit environments

Keeping your office at home well-lit is really important. It helps to relax your eyes while working on the screens.

2. Adjust the settings

Screen settings, like brightness and contrast, can make a big difference when it comes to protecting your eyes. A too-bright screen will force the eyes to work much harder than they should which could cause visual fatigue. Also, many screens offer blue light filter settings or night modes that helps reduce the amount of blue light entering the eye. 

3. Take breaks!

It can be easy to get drawn into the screen when you’re working from the comforts of home. It’s important to take breaks in general — but also a great way to protect your eyes from straining. Try going screen-free for at least 5 minutes every hour. But really, the longer the better!

4. Enjoy natural light

Natural sunlight is a great way to relax your eyes — and helps keep your brain active too!

5. Blink!

It sounds silly, but remember to blink. Research has shown that we blink almost half as often while we’re reading, watching a screen or on a digital device. Blinking helps to moisturise your eyes and prevents conditions like dry eye. It also helps your eyes from feeling tired, so get your blinks in where possible!

For more information on protecting your eyes, get in touch with your local Pinder’s today!