Are computer glasses a thing?


In today’s modern world, it is hard to detach ourselves from our screens whether it’s your television, your phone, or your computer.

For most of us when we start to hit around our mid 40’s we tend to find our reading starts to become harder and we jump into our first pair of reading glasses or varifocals whichever is more convenient.

For those of us who use a computer a lot - especially for work purposes, some of us can get away with using reading glasses for reading and using the computer. However, generally, as we get older our reading prescription increases in power which affect our working distance (how far away we can see).

At this stage, this is where computer glasses are a thing. Computer glasses can be a single vision pair that would be specific for a set distance or they can be tailored to have a variable flexible working distance to suit what you need them for. 

We shall ask a lot of questions to determine the right computer lenses for you and we will consider your screen time, how many screens you use, what flexibility you need etc to ensure we get the right lens set up for you.  

So, if you are constantly swapping between a single-vision pair of computer and reading glasses, or your neck is starting to hurt because you’re trying to work in a varifocal, then book in to see us and find out if computer glasses are a thing for you.