Why try contact lenses?


– Contact lenses differ from Spectacles as they are classed as medical devices. They must be fitted by a fully qualified Optometrist.

– The Optometrist will assess your eyes and their health to see if you are suitable for contact lens wear.

– The prescription for your contact lenses is not the same as your spectacle prescription as they sit much closer to the eye, unlike spectacles.

– The optometrist will carry out a visual assessment to determine what type of contact lenses are suitable for you and your lifestyle, as everyone is different.

– Our Optometrists will ensure that you have safe, clear and comfortable vision for all situations.

Our fees explained

At Pinders we take our time to discuss and find the best solutions for you and your lifestyle. Not everyone is the same, so neither are our examinations.

Fitting the correct contact lenses takes time. This is all covered in our fitting fee. If, once you have tried, you decide you do not want to proceed there will be a charge of 50% of the fitting fee. If you decide you want to proceed but buy your lenses elsewhere a full fitting fee is required before a copy of your contact lens prescription is issued.

Fitting Fee £50 (for all soft lenses) Children £40
Hard Gas permeable contact lens fitting fee varies. 

Once you have been fitted and are comfortably wearing your new contact lenses, you will be required to have contact lens aftercares regularly to maintain the health of your eyes and to keep your contact lens prescription up to date.

Our Monthly Contact lens Scheme

We recommend you join our contact lens scheme which combines your eye care and contact lenses into one affordable monthly package. This allows you to spread the cost and have full peace of mind that you and your eyes are covered whatever the situation. The Direct Debit does not start until the fitting fee has been paid, and will start at the next full calender month.

Our Direct Debit includes:

- All contact lenses

- Solutions if needed

- All aftercare appointments

- Bronze Eye Examinations

- 20% discount off complete spectacles

- Emergency appointments

Please note if you choose not to go on our contact lens scheme. Every contact lens appointment would be chargeable.