The Gold Standard in Eyecare

With over 75 years experience, we know what we are doing when it comes to your eyecare
The Pinders Eye Test
We have the industry leading technology to ensure that your eye test is carried out professionally and results in the best solution for a clearer vision ahead
Pinders Eyecare Plans
Take advantage of our fantastic customer loyalty programme with our Ultimate and Essential eyecare packages - a new way to gain VIP treatment with your eye care and eyewear
Contact Lenses
Our branches are equipped to get you started with your journey using contact lenses - from fitting them for the first time, to daily dispensing of your prescription
Specialist Services
From eye treatments to diabetic screenings, specialist care products to colourimetry services - we'll go the extra mile to have you covered
Myopia Control- Helping to reduce your childs short sightedness from accelerating.
Dry Eye therapy