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Knowing how to find the perfect contact lenses for you
At Pinders we believe that everyone can wear contact lenses for some part of the day. Due to huge advancements in technology there are now lenses to suit most prescriptions.

Do you find your contact lenses too dry and uncomfortable?The latest designs offer improved health and comfort benefits.

Even if you wear varifocal spectacles, we have lenses that could be suitable for you. The very latest in water gradient technology leaves you with a feeling of nothing in your eye at all! We are proud to have access to all contact lens manufacturers meaning what ever your prescription we are confident we can find a contact lens for you.

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Specialist Contact Lenses
are our speciality
Our prescription Contact Lenses are available for daily disposable or reusable wearing
We also supply and fit a large number of gas permeable/hard contact lenses for those who don’t like the idea of a disposable contact lens, or their eyes are not compatible with them.

Our optometrists at Queen Street in Mansfield also fit the latest in larger contact lenses called ICD lenses. These are used for those conditions where other lenses are not stable enough, or comfort is an issue.

This is a specialist service usually performed in hospital eye clinics, but here at Pinders we can save you time by seeing you here at Pinders in Mansfield.
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