It’s that time of year again. Bonfire Night is just around the corner!

It’s an evening we always look forward to here at Pinder’s as it marks the last month of Autumn — and cosy nights indoors ahead. It’s also a great opportunity to get together with friends and family, enjoy hot drinks and watch the firework display.

Whether you are celebrating Bonfire Night at a public gathering, or hosting a get-together at home, it’s important to keep safety in mind. Fireworks, if not handled properly, can be dangerous. In the UK alone, approximately 300 people suffer serious eye injuries due to accidents involving fireworks every year — of which ten will lose their eyesight.

We know how important it is to keep yourself, and your loved ones, safe. Read on for our top tips to reduce your risk of eye injury during Bonfire Night, while still having fun!

1. Ensure children are supervised

Bonfire Night is fun for people of all ages, especially children! But no matter where you’re enjoying a firework display — whether in the park or your backyard — you should keep a close eye on children and ensure they’re supervised. Children should be kept a safe distance from any fireworks or bonfires.

As an extra precaution, set up a buddy system for groups of kids. And always take time to explain to your child how to stay safe during Bonfire Night before you leave home.

2. Stay sparkler safe

Sparklers are a common fixture at Bonfire Night celebrations. And while they’re popular with children, they require safe use — and should not be given to children under five years of age.

Sparklers burn at high temperatures, so it’s important that they’re held at arm’s length while being lit by an adult, which should be done one at a time. Those with lit sparklers should keep safely apart from one another. You should also always have a bucket of cold water on hand so that they can be safely disposed of when finished.


3. Wear protective eyewear

Whether you are lighting or handling fireworks, or setting up a bonfire, protective eyewear can help keep your eyes safe.

We also recommend wearing them if you’re in close proximity to fireworks or a bonfire. As the saying goes: it’s better to be safe than sorry! Especially when it comes to protecting your eyes.

4. Buy fireworks that meet British Standards

Never purchase fireworks that don’t meet British Standards — they exist for a good reason!

Always check the box before you buy them. If they’re labelled as BS 7114, you can rest assured that they adhere to the safety requirements and regulations.

5. Injured? Seek medical attention right away

The best thing you can do if you or someone you know suffers an eye injury is to seek medical attention as soon as possible. And always wait for a specialist to assess the injury before rubbing your eyes, rinsing them or applying any ointment to the area.

Staying safe is the key to having fun at Bonfire Night; so keep these tips in mind and enjoy the view!

For more information on how to protect your eyes throughout the year, book an appointment at your local Pinder’s branch.