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Visual stress & colour overlays — all you need to know
Here's what you need to know about visual stress — and how colour overlays can make a difference.
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Diabetes & vision – get to know the facts
How diabetes can affect your vision and the importance of screening.
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A closer look at contact lenses
Learn why our clients love their contact lenses.
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“Help! My child doesn’t want to wear their glasses.”
Top tips on getting your children to love their new glasses, from co-owner of Pinders Pete Herniman.
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Christmas opening
Our Christmas opening times over the festive period
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Keeping your eyes safe during Bonfire Night
At Pinder’s, we always look forward to Bonfire Night. It’s a special event every year, and a chance to get together with friends and family, huddle up and enjoy a spectacular firework display.
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Rufford Avenue Merger to Queen Street Mansfield
Welcoming you back to the high street, with exciting news from Pinder’s
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Pinders Going The Extra Mile
Pinders hand-deliver eyewear to clients in need who are affected by the Covid- 19 pandemic