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All our branches have retinal imaging which allows our Optometrists to photograph and monitor your eyes more closely. Our technology hubs in Mansfield and Southwell have advanced imaging with OCT and Optomap allowing the most detailed imaging techniques available to the profession.

Having an optomap scan allows us to perform a wider health check of your eyes in less than 1 second. This ultra-wide retinal imaging technology helps us detect problems earlier and to help prevent sight threatening conditions through early detection.

Our aim is to be able to provide the very highest clinical care which is why we continue to invest in the newest technology.

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Eye Examinations
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Our detailed eye examinations aim to leave you feeling safe in the knowledge we are doing the very best to look after your eyes.

We firmly believe in giving you the time to learn about your eyes and understanding how you can maintain strong healthy vision for as long as possible. As an independent Optician we believe in embracing the latest optical technology. These advanced imaging techniques go beyond what is required under the NHS sight test.

To enable continued change and advancement we charge privately for these examinations. If you are entitled to an NHS exam do not worry you can still have all the latest technology available at a small extra charge.
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