Across the UK, millions of people choose to wear contact lenses as an alternative to frames. But what makes them so special — and are they suitable for everyone?

At Pinder’s, we know that there are many reasons why our clients love their contact lenses. Contact lenses give the wearer a natural field of view, with no frames to obstruct your vision. There’s also no chance of them fogging up in cold weather; or if you’re wearing a mask! They can also make playing sports easier, and they’re a great option to have if you’d like to go glasses-free for special events.

Many of our clients wear soft lenses, which mould to the shape of your eye — making them comfortable for longer wear. Soft lenses are available in reusable or daily disposable versions. They are however, not widely recycled — so it’s important to remember to throw them in the bin and never down the toilet. Contact lens recycling schemes are in their infancy in the UK, but recycling points are becoming more readily available.

As contact lenses are classed as medical devices, they must be fitted by a fully-qualified Optometrist. And as technology has developed, more people than ever can make the switch. Contact lenses are much more comfortable, and “breathable”, than they have been in the past — so if they weren’t the right choice for you before, it could be worth giving them another try!

Your Optometrist at your local Pinder’s can assess your eyes — and their health — to see if you’re suitable for contact lens wear. Once you’ve been fitted and are comfortably wearing your new lenses, you’ll need to have regular check-ups to keep your prescription up-to-date (and your eyes healthy)!

To chat to our team about contact lenses, contact your local Pinder's.