“I can never find a frame I like”

“I have a small face and I have to choose from the children's range as adult frames are too wide”

“My prescription limits what frame I can have”


Sounds familiar?


At Pinders we are always looking ahead and we believe the future of eyewear is bespoke.

Whether it's to fix a problem or you want to create your own style, at Pinders we can do both with Tom Davies eyewear.

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The Pinders bespoke consultation

Our Tom Davies Bespoke consultants are Dispensing Opticians, made to measure experts and stylists all in one.


Set yourself free and book your Tom Davies bespoke consultation today!


Bespoke consultation explained


1.We start with you by discussing your lifestyle, your prescription and of course your style.

2.We try on ready to wear frames that match your criteria

3. We then draw up a computer aided design (CAD) drawing of your redesigned frame for you to view

4. Our bespoke consultants measure you up and your Tom Davies bespoke eyewear order is sent for production

5. Up to 6 weeks later your hand made Tom Davies frame is professionally fitted by our bespoke consultants.