What is myopia control or myopia management?


This is the area of children’s eye care dedicated to slowing down childhood myopia progression. Myopia in children may also be called being short-sighted or near-sighted. It involves us prescribing special types of spectacle lenses or specialist contact lenses to slow down the worsening of their vision. Here at Pinders, we will also talk to you about your child’s visual environment – how much time they spend on screens and reading, and how much time they spend outdoors.

Our Myopia Control Treatment Plans


Eye Dream wear at night contact lenses

A contact lens that you wear at night while you are sleeping reshapes the front of your eye allowing you to be glasses-free during the day.  

Miyosmart Spectacle lenses

A set of specialist lenses for full-time spectacle wearers.

Misight Contact lenses

 A soft lens daily disposable contact lens you wear most of the day.

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