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Contact Lenses

Now could be the time to try Contact Lenses

Many current glasses-wearers may have previously been told that contact lenses weren’t suitable for them, but chances are, that’s no longer the case.

Maybe you’ve tried contact lenses before and didn’t get on with them? If you still like the idea of wearing lenses, now could be a good time to give them another try.

We have all the equipment possible to assess your needs effectively. Our corneal topographers allow more accurate, detailed measurements of the front of the eyes, to help us perfectly fit your contact lenses.
Daily Contact Lens Disposals
These days it really doesn’t matter what your spectacle prescription is, there is more than likely a daily disposable for you thanks to today's technology.

New multifocal lenses allow clear vision at both distance and near, so no need to rely on those reading glasses when your out for a meal.
Fitting your Contact Lenses
Contact lenses differ from spectacles as they are classed as medical devices. They must be fitted by a fully qualified Optometrist.

The Optometrist will assess your eyes and their health to see if you are suitable for contact lens wear.

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